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Lily Taylor is the chief legal officer for a national company and is a frequent speaker and lecturer on legal topics dealing with complex business transactions. But even attorneys cannot always save their loved ones from the consequences of their mistakes. She wrote Unconfined to shed light on the personal tragedy of incarceration experienced by over 2 million Americans annually and showcase the redemptive power of God’s love even in the darkest circumstances. When Lily is not enjoying the peaceful beauty of the beach near her home, she enjoys teaching bible study and encouraging young people to study law.

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Skip and Lily Taylor’s oldest son Stephen traded a bright future for 8 and a half years in prison. It was a devastating detour to a well-planned life. Unconfined tells the first-hand account through the eyes of Stephen and Skip - and shares the transformational power of faith to overcome anger, grief, and shame.


Stephen Taylor, born into privilege, learns as a young teenager that he can make good money selling drugs to support a party lifestyle. Then, a chance encounter with a well-dressed guest at a party in Austin, Texas, results in Stephen becoming a mule for a Mexican drug cartel. “Unconfined” chronicles the true story of Stephen’s arrest and incarceration for nearly 9 years in federal prison for a nonviolent drug crime. The story showcases what it is really like to go to federal prison in America and sheds light on what it is like to love someone who is in prison. Stephen’s dad, Skip, is forced to rethink everything he thought he knew about crime and justice when his own son is imprisoned. This book was birthed from a desire to inform the majority of the population who have never experienced the inside of our criminal justice system as well as provide help and hope to the 10.6 million individuals who will be entering the U.S. criminal justice system this year. It is a powerful reminder that no matter how dark the future seems, God can use your circumstance for good.

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