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God, our Father and Creator, is kind and merciful.  2 Peter 3:9 states that God is patient with our mistakes because He does not want anyone to perish and be separated from Him.  Therefore, you can be confident that He wants to answer your prayers for your child– the prayer He placed in your parent’s heart!  

God Seeks to Save the Lost.  God isn’t just sitting in Heaven waiting on people to figure out His existence on their own. In Luke 19:10 Jesus forgave a notorious sinner named Zacchaeus. Then, when the crowd around Him became upset that He gave His attention to the worst man in the crowd instead of His admirers and fans, Jesus explained that He specifically came to “seekand search for those who are lost.” If your child is far from God and walking in a destructive lifestyle, Jesus will never stop seeking them.  When you pray for your child, claim this promise.   

Jesus seeks to save even those who aren’t looking for Him. No one is too far gone.  Mark 5 tells the story of a man who was about as lost and hopeless as anyone could be – living in a graveyard continually crying out in his pain and cutting himself.  He was not asking for forgiveness or turning his heart toward God, yet Jesus went looking for him anyway.  You can rest in peace at night – no matter where your child is – knowing that Jesus sees where your child is and He cares.  Know that God’s heart is inclined toward your child and He can bring them back from the most terrible situation.

Intercessory prayer is powerful.  Luke 5:17-39 tells the story of three friends who brought their disabled friend to Jesus to be healed. There is no mention in the story of the man asking them to do this nor any mention of the man’s faith.  It is the faith of the 3 friends that is showcased in this story.  They truly believed that Jesus could heal their friend, and they witnessed a miracle. Envision as you pray that you are laying your child before the feet of Jesus – the teacher, healer and miracle worker. Keep that image in your mind until the day your miracle happens and your prayers are answered!

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